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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Psychic Says (re Hillary Clinton)

   Psychic says Philly DNC
        Won’t trump Chicago’s historic 1968 convention when
   Jean Genet hung out with Norman Mailer
   When Huey Newton looked “sexy” in a big wicker chair
   When Angela Davis spoke French, & Susan Sontag & Jane Fonda hightailed it to Hanoi.
      Psychic says 2016 DNC
                     Will not be a convention but a coronation
          Hillary in a chariot roaring into Wells Fargo 
         To thunderous applause, clamor & cowbells.
          The placards will read:
      No human is illegal;
     Islamic fanaticism does not exist
    You want to enforce immigration laws, you’re a racist
    I hate Fox News
   You’re a racist, I’m a racist, we are all racists & we should all die  

   Psychic sees Hillary in Goldman Sachs makeup & a blue pants suit when she mounts          the podium, blowing kisses
  As Bill does the retiree shuffle an all too common sight at the casino luncheon buffet
       Beware, however, of some unrest from assorted protest groups
    FDR Park social justice warriors with blue hair & bandit Lone Ranger masks will remind us that Hillary’s election was always in the cards
     (Yes but even Trump said the system was rigged against Bernie…) 
 Psychic says Hillary will be inaugurated &
   The Sanderites will retreat to form another political base that in four years will also fail to send one of their own to the White House.
  Psychic sees a honeymoon phase where Hillary can do no wrong
  Psychic sees the honeymoon luster morphing into a grey patina 
  Psychic says Bill will restart love affairs with interns & female bicycle messengers as Hillary agonizes over whether to triple power punch upstart internationals like Vladimir Putin. 
   Psychic says there will be a war with Russia & we know what that means: the end of career options for everywhere.
  Psychic apologies for being so negative
   Psychic says in Hillary’s second year there will calls for her impeachment from the Wallmart mainstream, even as

     Attorney General Loretta Lynch jump starts her campaign to get Americans to show ISIS the love
      In Lynch meditation rooms Americans will slip into Yoga pants, sit cross legged on rubber mats, and send love vibrations to foreign and domestic terrorists.
      Stop all beheadings with hugs! 
    “Slowly breathe in and out. Picture a bearded ISIS terrorist then release the love energy.  Imagine them dropping all thoughts of bombs then watch as they place their hands in yours…..Show them the love!”
 Psychic says new world order will be up and running.
 Psychic says that after Donald Trump’s November loss, he will retire like Howard Hughes to a penthouse suite atop a large Las Vegas casino. There never will be a wall.  Prophet says the feeling of relief after Trump’s defeat will last five minuses because   Hillary’s dragons will surface.
 Psychic says very few will be counting their political blessings. 
  Psychic  says the system is rigged.  @copyright TFN 2016