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Friday, March 2, 2012

The Thom and Todd Show

Thom and Todd Show | The adventures of Thom and Feb 14, 2012 – Thom and Todd Show - ... The Thom and Todd Show has entered a contest! Help us win! Mall Stars Video Production Studios. is having a ... + Please watch at and vote for our show. Thank you. The Thom and Todd Show will follow the urban and travel adventures of Thom Nickels and Todd Hemperly. Thom, a working journalist, author and world traveler who lives in the Fishtown section of Philly, will share with viewers some of the things he has seen and experienced on the road. Future guests will include architects, artists, psychics, writers, photographers, erotic photographers, fashion models, confirmed nudists, publishers, skydivers, athletes, politicians (when they’re not making backroom deals), singers, and maybe even an occasional priest or rabbi (to set the record straight, of course). During their 18-year working friendship, Thom (who is gay), and Todd (who is straight) have learned to use one another as “sounding boards” in order to work out various personal issues. These two worlds do not collide but more often than not blend harmoniously in surprisingly funny ways.