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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reissue of New and Improved TWO NOVELLAS, Lambda Literary and Hugo Award Nominated Book

To order an e-book (Kindle) click above.

An updated and revised new edition of TWO NOVELLAS: WALKING WATER & AFTER ALL THISwill be published as an e-book in late February, and as a paperback later this year. WALKING WATER has been changed to WALKING ON WATER.

Walking on Water: Dennis' voyage across the river-sea next to his rooming house leads him to an island where he meets Thomas Merton and decides to study to be a monk. He ends up in a most unusual monastery where his sin is that of lust, and he proceeds to take a trip to Hell.

After All This: Julius and Dennis fear at first they are the only two people left on earth after the terrible flash of light that's left New York City a ghost town. Their discovery of a young man and woman sets an even stranger chain of events into motion, such as the birth of a "prophet" baby.

Further Description:
Walking on Water is the story of a hip, Boston/Harvard student, a twenty something urban gay guy who goes to bars and who tricks and who is looking for a lover but who also has a spiritual bent and a desire to become a monk. He lives in a surreal world where the power of his mind can create alternate universes. One day he wakes up in his rooming house in Harvard Square and discovers that there is a stream next to the building along with a rowboat. He knows he has an option to take the boat out and see where it goes, since his life is like a spiritual dream with good stuff and assorted horrors that he can change just by getting into the rowboat and rowing. He takes the boat out in an attempt to change his life, to see what else is there other than the empty fast sex and disappointment in love that he has experienced so far in life.

After All This ties in with the Mayan 2012 prophecy – the end of New York City and all the major cities perhaps in the nation, compliments of a mysterious world event or cosmic event that "flashes" out the lives of everybody but a few. Dennis is living in NYC with his straight roommate Julius when the flash occurs. They "wake up" to a world where everybody is dead, in the streets, on roads, everywhere. Most of the buildings are still standing since the flash was like an x-ray zap that did everybody in but kept the exterior in place. Dennis and Julius walk all over NYC in horror; soon they find that they have to leave, so they concoct a homemade wagon of sorts and get an old NYC police horse they name Fash, and begin a pilgrimage towards Philly, thinking there may be life in Philly. Along the way they find a straight cute couple, also survivors, and they team up. Together they have domestic adventures and along the way they discover that the Flash has worked a change in their sexual orientations, Dennis is attracted to the woman and Julius is attracted to the woman's boyfriend, a former Warholesque heroin addict, and once a boyfriend of Allen Ginsberg's.