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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A recent US Catholic bishops meeting in Baltimore made a claim that there were far too few active Catholic priests familiar with the rite of exorcism.

The old rite, as it turns out, has fallen into disuse, and it’s no wonder. The modern age has redefined evil along abstract lines. There may be evil thoughts and evil deeds like murdering newborns or slitting the throat of one’s grandmother, but to say that there are distinct evil entities who have influence over our lives has become the punch line of late night TV jokes.

It’s considered unsophisticated to talk about “Satan” or “Lucifer” as if they were “real” presences with authentic power. This is so despite the willingness of people to mention God as a force for “good.” References to God garner no awkward glances.

Conclusion: Belief in God is acceptable, belief in Satan, is not.

For many today, even Christians, so-called possession by the devil is usually seen as a ‘misreading’ of a psychological condition. Epilepsy for instance, used to be cited as evidence for demonic possession until medical science proved otherwise. But one mistaken classification by the Catholic Church does not mean that all possession is a myth.

After all, in Matt:25:16 Christ himself addressed demonic possession when he chased unclean spirits out of human beings and “transferred” them into the bodies of pigs. The pigs, poor things, hurled themselves over a cliff. Living in the computer age as we do is no reason to suppose that demons have suddenly vacated the premises, a death by modernity if you will.

But images (or the idea) of devils have always evoked special attention. Unlike werewolves or mythical Frankenstein monsters, the legacy of devils is not relegated to the realm of the mythical.

That’s why When the US bishops called for more priest exorcists, I thought of film Rosemary’s Baby. The Polanski film of 1968 had at its theme secret rituals and ceremonies as well as a secret society of Satanists masquerading as contemporary humanists who would no more admit to a belief in Satan than they would Martians inhabiting the bodies of humans. Satan, it’s been said by saints and theologians, does not want people to believe in him, and therein lies his greatest power.

While the Catholic Church claims it needs more exorcists, according to Papal insider (and now deceased) Jesuit theologian, Malachi Martin, the Catholic Church may need an exorcist.

Martin, who died in 1996, says that at the height of the Second Vatican Council in Rome, there was a ceremony to enthrone Lucifer in the Vatican (and the Chair of Peter). The church in question, Saint Paul’s chapel within the Vatican walls, hosted a very different rite of Mass on January 29, 1963, just one week after the election of Pope Paul VI. (Years later, according to Fr. Martin, Pope Paul VI would write a note to his successor, John Paul II, and tell him of this ceremony.) Paul VI is also famous for his statement, “The smoke of Satan has entered the sanctuary.”

For decades this statement has been the source of much confusion and controversy, but when paired with Fr. Martin’s testimony, it fits like the lost part of a puzzle.

The ceremony, Fr. Martin is on record as saying, was a black Mass, or the Traditional Latin Mass said in reverse, complete with an animal sacrifice and a drugged young girl who may or may not be the victim of ceremonial sexual rituals. The ceremony was not the Novus Ordo Mass because, in Fr. Martin’s words, “even the Satanists know that this Mass is not valid.” The Black Mass was attended by high ranking prelates in the Church, important layman, business leaders and politicians. At least one Cardinal was in attendance. A concurrent “Enthronement of Satan” black Mass was also held in South Carolina on that date.

In his novel, ‘Windswept House,’ which Fr. Martin always maintained was 90% fact and 10% fiction, the opening chapter describes this Mass.

“…In an atmosphere of darkness and fire, the Chief Celebrant in each Chapel intoned a series of Invocations to the Prince. The Participants in both Chapels chanted a response. Then, and only in America’s Targeting Chapel, each Response was followed by a Convenient Action—a ritually determined acting-out of the spirit and the meaning of the words.”

The presiding Bishop then considered the Victim. “Even in her near unconscious state, still she struggled. Still she protested. Finally, the Bishop began the Great Invocation: ‘’I believe that the Prince of the World will be enthroned this night in the Ancient Citadel, and from there He will create a New Community: the Universal Church of Man.”

Fr. Martin’s best selling book, ‘Hostage to the Devil,’ described the priest’s years as an exorcist. Some Vatican insiders insisted that Fr. Martin had an axe to grind, while others attempted to destroy his credibility with stories of immoral behavior and illicit affairs with the wives of friends. Towards the end of his life, despite a liberal sojourn when he worked for Cardinal Bea during the time of the Council, Fr. Martin maintained that the Catholic Church was in apostasy. He pointed to liberal, heretical theologians like Charles Curran and Hans Kung, as being given slaps on the wrist for ascribing to heretical doctrines but still allowed to practice as Catholic priests, while those whose only goal was to preserve tradition, such as Archbishop Lefebvre, was excommunicated by then Pope John Paul II (that excommunication was summarily lifted by Pope Benedict VI).

Martin is not the only authority to confirm that there’s a secret cabal of Satanists and Freemasons high up in the Catholic Church.

Father Gabriele Amorth, the one time Chief Exorcist in Rome wrote in his book, “Memoirs of an Exorcist: My Life fighting against Satan,” that there are active Satanic sects within the Vatican “where participants reach all the way to the College of Cardinals.” This infiltration of Satanists and Masons forms what Martin calls the Vatican “superforce,” or an organization of powerful prelates who work to destroy the Catholic Church from within.

In Rosemary’s Baby, Mia Farrow’s character has to deal with doctors and psychiatrists whose mission is to trick her into believing she’s having a normal baby. As the mother of Lucifer’s son (for some kind of New World Order), she must be never know the facts about the true nature of her baby until after its birth.
Like Mia Farrow, the Catholic Church has been tinkered with by forces that have snuck inside the gates. The Church has been fed Rosemary’s chocolate mousse laced with Tannis Root.

The slow and insidious impregnation began as early as the 1930s and 40s when former United States Communist Party member, Bella Dodd, testified before the House on Un-American Activities in 1952 that the Communist Party in the 1930s “put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within. ”

Dodd told the Committee, “Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism.”

The change, Dodd asserted, “Would be so drastic that you will not recognize the Catholic Church.”

Confirming Dodd’s testimony, another former American Communist Party official, Manning Johnson, told the HUAC that, “…the Communists discovered that destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the Church by Communists operating within the Church itself.”

While the Council itself did not call for the radical changes and abuses that occurred over the last 40 years, “the spirit of Vatican II” led bishops to implement changes not authorized by the Council or the Pope. One such change was that regional conferences of bishops were given new powers that would later work to distort and change the original intention of the Council. One example is the Council’s insistence that Latin be retained as an essential part of the Catholic Mass. Conferences of regional bishops kicked this mandate to the curb in the name of “the spirit of Vatican II”

The last forty years has not been the greatest epoch in the history of the Church.

And it may all have to do with Malachi Martin’s claim that there once was a Black Mass within the Vatican walls.

Thom Nickels
"It was The Hour. The beginning of the Availing Time for the Prince's Ascent into the Citadel. At the tinkling of the Bell of Infinity, all Participants in Leo's Chapel rose to their feet as one. Missals in hand, the constant clickety-clack of the Bones as grisly accompaniment, they chanted their full-throated processional, a triumphant profanation of the hymn of the Apostle Paul. 'Maran Atha! Come, Lord! Come, O Prince. Come! Come!..."  Malachi Martin, Windswept House, p14
"The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer was effected within the Roman Catholic Citadel on June 29, 1963; a fitting date for the historic promise about to be fulfilled. As the principal agents of this Ceremonial well knew, Satanist tradition had long predicted that the Time of the Prince would be ushered in at the moment when a Pope would take the name of the Apostle Paul...."  Malachi Martin, WH, p.7 


  1. Initially I thought your article was
    anti-Catholic propaganda when I saw it
    in the Weekly today, but after looking
    up the background info I have to say
    that you present a disturbing issue in
    the Church.

    Considering that I am on my way to
    Confirmation this Easter, I thought the
    article may have been too dangerous
    for me to read.

    However I have read Fr.Martin's book
    on the Jesuits and heard him speak
    on the Art Bell program., so I know
    that he is not to be dismissed as a
    common crank.

    Also, no amount of satanic conspiracy
    can destroy a person's faith, because
    Christ is Lord,and the Church triumphant
    cannot be touched by satanic forces.

    So ultimately it does not matter if the
    Vatican succumbs to evil powers because
    the Holy Spirit will take care of us
    if we ask in prayer for guidance.

  2. "Mary T" doesn't realize that Art Bell is a broadcast journalist and as such he interviews all types of people: clowns, scientists, crazy folks, and prophets. As a print journalist I do the same thing. "Mary T" also doesn't know too much about Fr. Martin. Fr. Martin asked to leave his religious order but he never stopped being a priest. He celebrated the Traditional Mass until his death in New York from a fall. In my article I never claim that I believe that a Black Mass happened. I keep an open mind. What is not questionable is the state of the Church today since Vatican II--mostl;y all downhill. Read Michael Davies and the history of the St. Benedict Center in Cambridge, MA. Stop reading Reader's Digest, Mary T.


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