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Friday, November 13, 2009

A wedding in St. Peter's, an Opus Dei parish. But even in this beautiful church, we saw Julia Child's table in front of the high altar.

'The Third Man' tours in Vienna. The Vienna Tourist Board gave me a rental car to drive into the Berganland wine country. Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up lost in the Austrian mountains. After a while I spotted a farmhouse, parked the car and went to the door. "I am a lost American journalist," I told the woman who answered the door. She invited me inside for coffee or beer and introduced me to her friends. We proceeded to talk for 2 hours until I was able to navigate a path out of the Black Forest 'Sound of Music' countryside.

My guide, Hans Christian, took me across the border into Hungary. At the border we noticed this old Communist station house where guards used to patrol with guns. We walked around the station and went up into the woods, spotting an old campire with wooden benches. No doubt the woods held deep, dark secrets. We took a short ride into Hungary. Hungary is a very poor country. Many Hungarians have day jobs in Austria as waiters and restaurant workers. They also work in the vineyards.

The Esterhazy Park Tower, formerly a Nazi bunker during WWII. Winston Churchill wanted the Allies to bomb the Habsburg palaces, the opera house and the government buildings, structures valued by Hitler. The bunker now houses the Vienna State Aquarium.

The Otto Suite in the Hotel Aldstat in Vienna's 7th District. I stayed here for 3 days. The staircase leads to a private rooftop garden and observatory. It was too cold to sit on the balcony for long, but the sunsets were memorable.

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